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Currently Lusting & Congrats to Emily!

Glam-i-fied parties (Image via Olivia Palermo)

Fish scale lamps (Image via Design Sponge)

Indoor plants (Image via Jessica Helgerson)

Rachel Zoe’s Resort 2013 Collection (Images via Poise Polish)

Watercolor and ink illustrations (Images via Pinterest)

And can I get a round of applause to one of our fashion bloggers here on Within The Seams? Emily Siu has finally graduated with a bachelors in Fashion Design! We could not have been any happier for her! Keep your eyes peeled for photos of her portfolio booth (although I did take photos…there were way too many who photo bombed them so my photos don’t do her booth any justice, but there is a sneak peek of it below). For now check out her website! Isn’t it adorable? Catch Emily on her personal blog here and her Pinterest here. We love you Emily! Congratulations!

A sneak peek of Emily’s booth at the Portfolio Show! Isn’t it adorable?! I apologize for the low quality image. I tried my best to take a snap shot before a potential photo bomb. This is also a glimpse of Emily’s senior collection for the fashion show tomorrow evening! I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like on the models!


Dear Michelle: Men’s Closet Essentials

I know. I totally deceived everyone into thinking that they were going to get Instagram Fridays (but I realized that I hardly ever post on Instagram these days), so I’ve decided to bring you another segment: Dear Michelle. It’s a column to which you can feel free to leave comments on these specific posts and I’ll pick out unique questions that are fashion-related to answer. Considering this is my very first segment (and very last minute at the least), I’ve decided to ask my beau what questions he has in relation to fashion.

Chad of Hawaii: Dear Michelle, I always read or hear about closet essentials for women, but never anything about a man’s closet. Give me a few tips on what you think a guy’s closet should have!

Well this is a tough one considering that I am not a man nor have I’ve ever gone through a “fashionisto’s” closet before. What I will try to do is to come up with a list of basics that I think would be very important for a man’s closet and perhaps more forgiving in terms of wear, durability, and versatility.

1. Basic Pocket T-Shirt

1. J.Crew Broken-In Pocket Tee – $24.50
2. J. Crew Broken-In Long-Sleeve Pocket Tee – $29.50
3. Gap The Essential Pocket T – $16.95
4. Express Ultimate Slub Cotton V-Neck Tee – $29.90

For starters, a basic t-shirt is a must. You can pair a basic pocket tee with just about anything and it can be dressed up (worn with a blazer over it and paired with chinos) or worn casually (pair it with a chambray shirt with the sleeves rolled up). Why a pocket tee and not just a regular tee? For some reason, it just looks nicer. I can’t really explain it. You just have to try it for yourself to get what I mean.

2. Oxford Button-Up

1. Brooks Brothers Classic All-Cotton Traditional Fit Solid Dress Shirt – $79.50
2. J. Crew Secret Wash Lightweight Solid Shirt – $64.50
3. Gap Solid Oxford Shirt – $39.99
4. Express 1MX Modern Fit Stretch Cotton Shirt – $59.90

Oxford button-ups are essential for work places and interviews. Aside from that they are perfect for virtually any occasion from weddings to family get-togethers to even late night rendezvous with your significant other. Try to stick to something that is made out of 100% cotton. The last thing you need to do is sweat a storm while you’re out and about.

3. Patterned (plaid/gingham) Button-Up

1. Brooks Brothers Regular Fit Irish Linen Plaid Sport Shirt – $98.50
2. J. Crew Secret Wash Lightweight Shirt in Van Buren Gingham – $64.50
3. Gap Patch Pocket Plaid Shirt – $49.95
4. Express Non-Iron Fitted Plaid Shirt – $48.93

Plaid/gingham shirts are life savers when you don’t know what to wear on a day-to-day basis. It’s the perfect shirt to wear for any season. If it’s cold out, layer a basic pocket tee underneath it and if it’s hot out, roll up the sleeves!

4. Chambray Button-Up

1. J. Crew Chimala Denim Western Shirt – $370.00
2. J. Crew Selvedge Chambray Utility Shirt – $98.00
3. Gap 1969 Chambray Utility Shirt – $44.99
4. Forever 21 Distressed Chambray Shirt – $21.25

Chambray shirts are pretty hip and happening these days. They can substitute a jacket for a more casual look. Again, you can pair a pocket tee underneath with the chambray shirt unbuttoned for a more relaxed look or just wear the chambray shirt tucked into your shorts or pants for a very dapper look.

5. Club Shorts

1. Brooks Brothers Garment-Dyed Plain-Front 11″ Twill Shorts – $85.00
2. J. Crew Club Short in Grey Chambray – $69.50
3. Gap Flat Front 10″ Shorts – $29.96
4. Express Classic Fit Belted Flat Front Shorts – $59.90

Club shorts are a must for Spring, Summer, and Fall. Considering they come in almost every color possible, there are so many different kind of outfits that you can put together! Just look at the images above! You have a casual laid back outfit with a tucked in shirt and belt; a business casual look with a tucked in oxford button-up, belt, and dress shoes; a casual look with a partially tucked in pocket tee and slip on shoes; and a casual dapper look with a pocket tee tucked in, belt, and a cardigan with the sleeves rolled up. Endless possibilities!

6. Chino Pants

1. Brooks Brothers Clark Straight Fit Plain-Front Non-Iron Advantage Chinos – $89.50
2. J. Crew Broken-In Chino in Classic Fit – $65.00
3. J. Crew Broken-In Chino in Urban Slim Fit – $69.50
4. Express Color Stretch Cotton Chino Photographer Pant – $69.90

Why Chino? I guess the fit is just nicer in my opinion. I absolutely love how men’s chinos come in various cuts and just look at the colors that they come in! Chinos can be worn for any occasion as they are seen being worn to work, formal events, and even just to go out with friends and family. Just find one that best suits your body type and you’re set!

I hope this was a helpful post as it was probably one of the more difficult questions that I’ve been asked. Remember, this post is based off a woman’s opinion. I’m sure there are guys out there who will disagree with the 6 pieces that I’ve chosen. I tried to incorporate higher end brands and more affordable brands for you men out there who want to change up your wardrobe. I did want to mention that I did not include accessories in this post. If you’d like to see that list, let me know in the comment bar below! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

– Michelle

DIY Wednesday: Father’s Day Gifts

For my first segment on DIY Wednesdays, I have decided to inspire a few (or more) of you guys with DIY crafts for Father’s Day! Now I know that not everyone may celebrate Father’s Day, but I figured with the holiday coming up, it would be good idea to post this a few weeks ahead of time for those who do want to make something for their Dads!

Collar & Tie Jar Decor:

(Image from Eighteen25)

My dad is a snacking maniac. He loves to eat just about anything as long as it has peanuts in it. It doesn’t even matter what kind of peanuts, either! A great way to get an inexpensive gift (for those who are on a budget) is to get your dad his favorite snack and buy a jar! Decorate it with some awesome collar and tie decor that you can either make out of paper, on Photoshop and printed, or even foam! You can buy jars literally anywhere from Ikea, The Container Store, or even your local Walmart.

Tie Party Decor:

(Image from Amanda Parker and Family)

Having a family get together for Father’s Day? What better way to show your love (times a hundred just because it is a holiday) then to decorate your place with ties! How awesome are these printable DIY decors? I am loving the tie garlands and the paper ties around the bottles! This is definitely an easy way of sprucing up a party to make your dad feel even more loved than he already is!

A Man’s Sack Lunch:

(Image from Paper Crave)

Got a dad who works in the wee morning, why not surprise him with a sack lunch? My dad’s always leaving for work around 7am and since I’m already awake by 6, a great way to treat him is to make him a sack lunch. It probably won’t be enough for my dad, so I’ll probably toss in a coupon or even a gift card to his favorite bakery in case he gets the munchies after consuming what was in his hand made sack lunch.

Bottled Sweets:

(Image from The Idea Room)

So if your dad isn’t into huge jars of snacks, there are other alternatives! You can definitely get empty glass soda bottles (you can consume a pack of root beer or buy a few variations here). It’s an excellent way of controlling the amount that your dad will consume – especially if he has a major sweet tooth!

Cupcake Burgers with a Side of Cookie Fries:

(Image from Bakerella)

If you’re not so much of a cut and glue kind of person, I highly suggest this amazing gift. It’s perfect for family get togethers and even BBQ outings! I love how it’s just frosting, cookies, and cupcakes all combined to give you a mock burger meal!

What are you guys getting for your dads out there? I might make my dad a silk tie and attempt a camp shirt. If all else fails, I would definitely just buy one that he doesn’t already have, haha.

– Michelle

Michelle’s Dosage of Business Casual

Hello everyone! It’s been quite a while since I’ve last posted – I apologize! School and work has definitely caught up to me and my sleep and now that I am fully recovered from the boo-hoos of stress, I have more time blogging here on Within the Seams! I want to do something a little different by posting up a weekly segment called “Dosage of Business Casual.” I’ve always wondered what you could wear at work during casual Fridays (or whatever day your casual day is on). Here’s my take on it! Disclaimer: Not all work places allow this much fashion-creativity so be inspired at your own risk!

What is she wearing: Madewell denim shirt / Zara heels (similar here)
(Images from Robin’s blog post here)

Nothing screams casual than denim on denim. I am in love with Robin’s ability to rock a quarter-tucked denim button down with a pair of Zara sandal heels makes this an effortlessly chic look – perfect for casual Fridays.

What is she wearing: Shareen Vintage dress / Christian Louboutin heels
(Images from Karla’s blog post here)

If wearing denim on denim is a bit too much for you, you can also go for a very feminine vintage piece. This number is from the oh-so-loved Shareen Vintage that Karla is absolutely obsessed with! Take a gander at her DIY Christian Louboutin anklet on her Piagelle heels!

What is she wearing: Goodnight Macaroon top (similar here) / Helmut blazer / Reed Krakoff tote / J. Crew shorts / Zara sandals
(Images from Annabelle’s blog post here)

Annabelle is amazing when it comes to coordinating her outfits. It could possibly be her tall, lean figure or the fact that she always has such amazing subtle yet sexy eye make-up on. Following on the neon trends for this Spring/Summer, she is wearing a simple ensemble with a pop of neon from J.Crew. I absolutely love her metallic Reed Krakoff tote bag and her chunky Zara heels!

What is she wearing: Madewell top / Paige leggings / Zara tote bag / Alice + Olivia heels
(Images from Wendy’s blog post here)

Wendy is constantly playing with prints. Can’t be caught wearing the same boring trousers as someone else at work? I’d say go out and pick yourself a pair of these Paige leggings (or if you’re crafty enough – make your own)! I love the tie-dye print and the fact that Wendy paired it with bright crimson heels from Alice + Olivia!

What is she wearing: H&M sweats (similar here) / H&M blazer (similar here) / Forever21 sandals / LES vintage tee (similar here)
(Images from Jinna’s blog post here)

And if all fails, just wake up from your slumber and toss on a blazer. Nothing says grunge chic like wearing sweats, DIY studded sandals, and a blazer. I absolutely love how Jinna made her sweats look like they were intentionally color blocked from her asymmetrical vintage tee!

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!
Stay tuned for: DIY Wednesdays and Dear Michelle Saturdays

– Michelle

Coveting: Skincare Products

To kick things into high gear, I figured that I would show the world what are a few things that I’m currently coveting. For many of you that do not know, I have very sensitive, dry skin. My siblings (I have two) have oily to normal skin, but for some reason I have very dry skin. No matter how many times in a day I moisturize, my skin will always find its way back to being dry. The problem with this is that my skin is prone to acne and scarring. Finding the best skincare products is key to rejuvenating my skin. I went through so many years testing out various products, but recently I’ve found ones that actually work me!

Clarisonic Mia 2 + Delicate Head: I was a bit reluctant to purchase such an expensive facial cleansing system, especially after all the hype. I don’t know how many times I’ve almost purchased these kinds of cleansing system after the one that Vanessa Hudgens was endorsing for Neutrogena (the Neutrogena Wave). I eventually caved in and purchased the Clarisonic Mia 2 via Amazon since it was sold out on their actual website including the delicate head for more sensitive skin like mine.

The cleansing system works like a charm! Even on days that I don’t wear makeup (which is almost always), I would use the Clarisonic Mia 2 just before taking a shower and rinse off the face wash in the shower. Now you’re probably wondering, “Okay so what face wash do you use then?”

Kiehl’s Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser: I haven’t tried the Philosophy facial cleanser (although I’m tempted with all the hype that has been going around), but I’m too loyal to Kiehl’s considering they have a specific category for people with dry skin. Although it’s a tad bit expensive, but I’m willing to invest in a product that actually works and benefits me. All I know is, the combination of both the Clarisonic Mia 2 and this Kiehl’s facial cleanser has left my skin soft, lighter, and acne free (minus hormonal week, if ya’ll get my drift).

That is all that I use! Crazy, right? As far as moisturizers go, I use the generic Aveeno Aloe Vera lotion that you can buy at Target. I have yet to find the perfect toner, too. Bare with me guys! I’m trying!

So what do you guys think? Are you sold on buying one? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and have a fabulous Monday!

– Michelle

The Birth of Within The Seams

Photos taken by Michelle (the ones of Michelle taken by Cing and Emily)

Hello and welcome to the birth of “Within The Seams,” brought to you by three fashion design students. Here we are going to blog about our whereabouts whether it be together or apart. Let’s start by introducing ourselves, but before we do that, shall we talk about what is going on in these photographs above?

Needing to buy fabric, the three of us decided to head over to Downtown Los Angeles and roam around the area looking for cheap accessories and affordable fabrics for the fashion show this upcoming June. After going through what seemed like endless parking issues, we managed to not only grab a bite (or drink) at Coffeebar, but we ended up scoring some amazing fabric over at Michael Levine’s Loft. We pushed our way through Santee Alley coming out successful with the jewelry that we needed and a few bags!

Now let’s get back to the introductions. The main photographer of this blog will be Michelle Huynh. You probably won’t see her often in photographs considering she’ll be the one taking the photos. She is also very awkward in front of cameras. You’ll have Cing Lun be our model and by model I mean she loves being the one in the photos, haha! Lastly, you’ll have Emily Siu who is the most fashionable out of the three (I mean she walked for 6 hours in those heels today…She’s nuts).

Our blog will take some time getting used to so bear with us as we transition it with links to our personal websites and what-have-you. I hope you enjoy reading about our day!

– Michelle