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Aldo Envy

So much color and I love it! I have to say, ever since I found that tangerine orange fabric at Michael Levine’s loft last Saturday, my closet has been getting brighter and brighter in color. For the first time ever, I can say I own a pair of colored jeans. But in other news, I decided to veer off to the mall today to pick up a couple things, which probably should have taken less time than usual. And along the way, I just “happen” to pass by two shoe stores. To think I’ve done my share of shoe shopping already… But I’ve been good, I swear! Just a little window shopping envy. (And maybe stepped into the store a bit… Guilty.)

I saw these Cardiel by Aldo up front and thought they were just lovely! You could totally pair it with jeans if you’re looking for something casual, or if you’re feeling a little dressy, a high-low skirt or a spring dress is the best way to go! These babies will surely stand out.

Although the Prak (teal) and Capecoral (orange), which are also by Aldo, are what caught my attention in the first place. Darn my attraction to colorful things! I can think of so many things to pair with these. But if you’re wanting a more muted palette, the Shurkus (light green) is the way to go! The lilac Shurkus isn’t too shabby either. These shoes are simplicity at its best! Who says you need to get all studded/beaded decorated to catch wandering eyes. The colors do all the work for you, when paired accordingly of course.

So there’s a glimpse of my style and guilty pleasure this season. What are yours? :)