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DIY Wednesday: Father’s Day Gifts

For my first segment on DIY Wednesdays, I have decided to inspire a few (or more) of you guys with DIY crafts for Father’s Day! Now I know that not everyone may celebrate Father’s Day, but I figured with the holiday coming up, it would be good idea to post this a few weeks ahead of time for those who do want to make something for their Dads!

Collar & Tie Jar Decor:

(Image from Eighteen25)

My dad is a snacking maniac. He loves to eat just about anything as long as it has peanuts in it. It doesn’t even matter what kind of peanuts, either! A great way to get an inexpensive gift (for those who are on a budget) is to get your dad his favorite snack and buy a jar! Decorate it with some awesome collar and tie decor that you can either make out of paper, on Photoshop and printed, or even foam! You can buy jars literally anywhere from Ikea, The Container Store, or even your local Walmart.

Tie Party Decor:

(Image from Amanda Parker and Family)

Having a family get together for Father’s Day? What better way to show your love (times a hundred just because it is a holiday) then to decorate your place with ties! How awesome are these printable DIY decors? I am loving the tie garlands and the paper ties around the bottles! This is definitely an easy way of sprucing up a party to make your dad feel even more loved than he already is!

A Man’s Sack Lunch:

(Image from Paper Crave)

Got a dad who works in the wee morning, why not surprise him with a sack lunch? My dad’s always leaving for work around 7am and since I’m already awake by 6, a great way to treat him is to make him a sack lunch. It probably won’t be enough for my dad, so I’ll probably toss in a coupon or even a gift card to his favorite bakery in case he gets the munchies after consuming what was in his hand made sack lunch.

Bottled Sweets:

(Image from The Idea Room)

So if your dad isn’t into huge jars of snacks, there are other alternatives! You can definitely get empty glass soda bottles (you can consume a pack of root beer or buy a few variations here). It’s an excellent way of controlling the amount that your dad will consume – especially if he has a major sweet tooth!

Cupcake Burgers with a Side of Cookie Fries:

(Image from Bakerella)

If you’re not so much of a cut and glue kind of person, I highly suggest this amazing gift. It’s perfect for family get togethers and even BBQ outings! I love how it’s just frosting, cookies, and cupcakes all combined to give you a mock burger meal!

What are you guys getting for your dads out there? I might make my dad a silk tie and attempt a camp shirt. If all else fails, I would definitely just buy one that he doesn’t already have, haha.

– Michelle