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“Within The Seams” is a blog that started on April 2012 by three lovely fashion design students. We don’t just blog about fashion – we blog about everything from our travels, personal lives, to even the food that we’ve consumed or movies that we’ve watched! Get to know us better by following our blog. We promise it’ll be worth it!

Cing Lun: Hii lovelies. It’s Cing here. Welcome to “Within The Seams.” Art and fashion has always been my passion weather it’s wearing them or creating them. As a designer I like to design what ever comes to mind and using beautiful and amazing patterns. Thank you for bring apart of our adventure! :)

Emily Siu: Hey, loves. It’s Emily! :) Been in love with the arts since my toddler years sketching doodads and whatnots. As a designer, I tend to stick to a softer palette. Can’t say I’m the eccentric one. (I’ll leave that to Cing!) Although, I do have my crazy moments when a bright color just grabs my attention. ;) But anyway, here’s to you for discovering “Within the Seams” so stick around! We’ve only just met after all…

Michelle Huynh: Hello and thanks for reading. I’ve always had a love for fashion, but it all derived from my passion for photography and art. I’m a more minimalistic kind of gal so my designs reflect upon that (Emily and I both agree that Cing is probably the more daring with the patterns and designs). I hope that you find inspiration from reading our blog!

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